Consulting Services

We work with senior management of leading companies to create strategies that are grounded in current market realities, driven by unique insights, and designed to “redefine the rules of the game.” Our philosophy of collaboration and education differentiate us from traditional “study and report” consulting firms and ensures that strategy recommendations are implemented and that action is taken.

Project Life-cycle Phases and Scenarios

Life-cycle Phases

Based on project types, time/budget constraints, and your needs, our project teams can assist at any or all of the phases the project life cycle.

  • Define
  • Business Analysis and Design
  • Technical Analysis and Design
  • Project Planning
  • Development and QA
  • Delivery and Deployment

Resource Augmentation

Some projects require additional resources to what is available in-house - and once the project is over, these resources are often no longer needed.

Red Tree Labs can step in and fill these as-needed gaps with top-notch engineers that can ramp up quickly and finish up with any needed knowlegde transfers at project completion.

Project Rescues

Whether it be from insufficent resources, scope increases or changing deadlines, projects can, and often do, fall behind.

Red Tree Labs can quickly provide the extra resources needed to get a failing project back on track.

Turn-key Solutions

Whether you're a startup in need of a development team, or a large company with a new product and insufficient resources to bring that product to light, Red Tree Labs can step in and take your product from idea to solution, handing you the keys to the fully realized application upon completetion.

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