Work With Red Tree Labs

Here at Red Tree Labs, we are constantly on the lookout for solid independent software engineers to add to the team. Our needs vary from part-time to full-time, on short-term to long-term projects, so whatever your availability, we likely have a fit for you.

To streamline the vetting process, we have developed and trained a state of the art AI interviewer who acts as a gateway to the Red Tree Hiring Team. There are no wrong answers, but you do get bonus points for short and informative answers. On average, there are about 9 questions.

State of the Art AI Interview

Where do you prefer to code?

At he same desk everyday, in a cube, under flourescent lights.
From your chalet in the Alps.

When coding on a personal project, what language do you typically use? Bonus points for info on IDEs, platforms, frameworks, APIs, etc. that you use.

That's awesome, tell us something about your mobile experience.

Speaking of the cloud, what experience do you have with coding in the cloud?

Fantastic, what are you working on right now? Describe your solution in a technical manner.

Cool, given a month and adequate resources, what would you build?

Now onto availability. What is your availability going forward?

Sounds good. It all sounds really good. Is there anything else you'd like to relay? Bonus points for links that show off your skills.

Now we just need to know your personably identifiable information and we're done!



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